2017 Appalachian Higher Education Network
Annual Conference

“Increasing Postsecondary Education Attainment in Appalachia:  Working Together for a Change”

June 27-29, 2017 – The Resort at Glade Springs, Daniels, WV

Ensuring student success is a responsibility shared by four key stakeholder groups:  family, institutions, communities, and students/self.  As Dr. Aaron Thompson, Acting President, Kentucky State University, reminds us, “When all four are aligned in support of educational success, we see positive outcomes.”  The Appalachian Higher Education Network’s 4th Annual Conference, June 27-29, at The Resort at Glade Springs, Daniels, WV, will focus on why these stakeholder groups must collaborate, how to work in collaboration with other organizations and agencies (not just schools, colleges or universities), and what it takes (skills, knowledge, attributes) to work collaboratively.

Participants will discuss the issue(s) of working together in plenary and/or small group sessions with “critics and advocates as well as doers and thinkers.”  Dr. Brad Mitchell, author of the Battelle for Kids’ report, “Generating Opportunity and Prosperity: The Promise of Rural Education Collaboratives,” will kick off and anchor the conference by sharing the latest information and insights on working together in rural America; this overview will be followed by discussions with people currently working in a rural collaborative.  Participants will hear from students taking different postsecondary education paths about the kind and quality of support they needed and, more importantly, received.  Training sessions will help participants develop and refine the skills of working together as well as individual skills necessary for success (fund raising, dealing with change, understanding and using data, etc.). A round of small group sessions will also give participants an introduction to partnership programs that rural schools and communities might want to adopt.

We hope you will join the Network for a time of thinking and learning about increasing postsecondary education in Appalachia and a time of sharing information with colleagues from across the region.  For more information, contact ahenetwork@bluefieldstate.edu

2017 Appalachian Higher Education Network
Annual Conference
Increasing Postsecondary Educational Attainment:  Working Together for a Change

June 27 – 29, 2017
The Resort at Glade Springs
Daniels WV