School of Harmony announces monthly “STRING JAM SESSIONS”

Learn a New Instrument – Learn New Songs – Make New Friends

Join one of our String Band Jams every second Tuesday of the month, beginning August 8. There is no charge for these events, but donations will be accepted to help cover expenses for snacks, handouts, and other stuff.

6:00 to 7:00 pm: Beginning Jam. This will be for younger and other beginning players, (bring your own instrument).  Each week we will learn a new song and learn to play it in a jam circle setting.

7:00 to 9:00 pm: Group Jam. This will be for players with at least some musical experience, (bring your own instrument). There will be a circle of musicians playing traditional tunes each week. There will be plenty of room for people to sit and listen, play along, sing, and have fun. This is an informal session.  People may come and go as they please.

Other Group Classes to be taught as soon as a minimum of 6 students have signed up:

Group Harmonica (All Ages)

Group Guitar (All Ages)

Group Piano (12+)

Group Drama/Acting (12+)

Group Choral (12+)

Maximum number of students in each group class is 12.

For more information visit our web page, or call our scheduling department at 304-253-3095